Did You Know?

MeadeRide is responsible for taking thousands of vehicles off the road every day!

Vanpooling drastically reduces commuting and maintenance costs by up to $800- a month!

Employees who vanpool are more likely to arrive to work on time!

On average, vanpool participants saved almost $1,000 each in ownership and operating costs … in addition to their tremendous savings on gas!


MeadeRide is a one-stop travel resource serving businesses, agencies and employees working in the Ft. Meade area. We want you to “share getting there” and make commuting to work the best part of your day!

There are a variety of transportation and travel options providing access Ft. Meade, including rail, bus and shuttle services. The mission of MeadeRide is to connect commuters with information about existing services while also helping develop new ones in response to the needs of employees, agencies and businesses in the region. MeadeRide is here to help you find the option that works best for you.

MeadeRide is a program of the BWI Business Partnership, a non-profit organization that’s been assisting commuters in Anne Arundel County for 25 years. We are the transportation management association (TMA) created to serve the Ft. Meade community. With Ft. Meade growing as an employment center, we created MeadeRide to focus directly on the Ft. Meade area.