Did You Know?

On average, vanpool participants saved almost $1,000 each in ownership and operating costs … in addition to their tremendous savings on gas!

MeadeRide is responsible for taking thousands of vehicles off the road every day!

Vanpooling drastically reduces commuting and maintenance costs by up to $800- a month!

Employees who vanpool are more likely to arrive to work on time!



Biking has many benefits! Biking to work, or for even a portion of it, allows you build a workout into your commute as well as save money on your trip.

MeadeRide can help you discover how to safely and conveniently bike to and from work. We can provide you with recommended bike routes in the Ft. Meade area and provide you with customized information on how bike-friendly your commute can be!

Guaranteed Ride Home
If you bike to work but need to get home in case of an unexpected event or emergency, we’ve got you covered with the regional Guaranteed Ride Home program.

To register for the Guaranteed Ride Home program, visit www.commuterconnections.org or call 1-800-745-RIDE.