Did You Know?

Employees who vanpool are more likely to arrive to work on time!

Vanpooling drastically reduces commuting and maintenance costs by up to $800- a month!

MeadeRide is responsible for taking thousands of vehicles off the road every day!

On average, vanpool participants saved almost $1,000 each in ownership and operating costs … in addition to their tremendous savings on gas!



Take a break from being behind the wheel – get a carpool partner!

Carpooling is when two or more people share a ride. It reduces the cost of commuting by sharing expenses like gas and toll costs between riders – and it’s also been known to decrease stress and increase friendships!

The first step is finding a carpool partner. Ask around at work, or visit Commuter Connections to register for ridesharing and see if there are matches that fit your commute schedule.

Guaranteed Ride Home
If you carpool to work but need to get home in case of an unexpected event or emergency, we’ve got you covered with the Guaranteed Ride Home program. To register for the Guaranteed Ride Home program, visit www.commuterconnections.org or call 1-800-745-RIDE.